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Quandant Digital Application Development uses the latest in software engineering methodologies to help simplify your life, and put control back into your hands. With a library of applications carefully designed to be user friendly, yet powerful, Quandant Digital Application Development gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals.


Machine Learning Micro-Service Applications, or MaLMApps, are the next generation in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. Combining the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with the scalability of micro-services, the MaLMApp architecture allows you to benefit from this next-generation paradigm for managing your operational processes and more intelligently meeting your customer needs.

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Predict Machine Learning

With so many directions in which your company could go with your Machine Learning efforts, how could you know where to start, or where to place your valuable resources?Quandant 4MaL can help you do just that by identifying your biggest challenges, and giving you the biggest factors that contribute to and solve your challenges.

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Gymnastics Score Keeping App

Having difficulty keeping up with your little gymnast and their progress? Maybe you have a home full of gymnasts, and you can’t keep them all straight. The Quandant Gymnastics Score Keeping App (QuGySKA) will help you log all of your scores, all of your meets, all of your awards, and even can log video you have for each event. Now your gymnast can see their progress over time, and be confident the next time they step onto the mat. Just sign up with your QuandantID.

Household Appliance Manager

Do you need a way to keep track of all of your home appliances, their warrantees, maintenance schedules, and repair history? Just enter your home appliance information into the Household Appliance Manager, and we can keep track of everything for you. We can send you reminders for maintenance and even contact your local certified repairman to come out. Just sign up with your QuandantID.

Network Surveys

Traditional surveys have so many limitations, and with a world that is more and more connected, your business demands more. With Quandant Network Surveys, not only can you collect vital information for your business, but also identify the key connections within personal networks, and analyze how those connections will impact your bottom line. When your customers complete a survey, they are encouraged to send that survey onto other individuals in their network. The results are astounding. Just sign up with your QuandantID.

Meeting Schedule Optimizer

Businesses worldwide waste billions of dollars trying to schedule important meetings. The higher the level of the attendees, the more difficult it becomes. Executive Assistants spend hours coordinating schedules, and important decisions go undecided, not to mention the anger from employees who continually get pushed off for more important things. The Quandant Meeting Schedule Optimizer can automatically readjust schedules within an organization based on availability, rank in the organization of the attendees, and many other factors. Is your organization ready to become more efficient? Just sign up with your QuandantID.

Self Optimizing Survey

Quandant Digital Application Develop is excited about this breakthrough in survey technology. Instead of spending hours trying to perfect your customer survey, allow the power of artificial intelligence to power your next survey. Learning from millions of conducted surveys, Quandant’s Self Optimizing Survey will adjust each question based on how your customers answer. No two surveys are the same, and you can collect deep insights on your customers. Just sign up with your QuandantID.

Text Alert Buffet

Do you want to know if your kids school is cancelled? Maybe you want to know the final score of the game from last night. With the Quandant Text Alert Buffet, you can sign up for a whole cornucopia of text alerts, from sales at your favorite ice cream shop, to notifications on when to fly your flag at half staff. Just sign up with your QuandantID.

Web App Subscriptions

Do you have too many free apps for which you’d like to get the premium version, but it is just too much of a hassle. Or maybe you have multiple premium apps, but keeping up with so many usernames and passwords, not to mention the billing, is just too complicated. With your QuandantID and a Quandant Web App Subscription, you can pay one low monthly fee, and get access to all of your favorite premium apps. With different price tiers, there is a plan to fit every budget. Say goodbye to multiple logins and complicated billing, and say hello to Quandant Web App Subscriptions. Just sign up with your QuandantID.

Digital Inheritance

Do you ever wonder what will happen to all of your digital assets after you pass? All of your ebooks, your music, movies, and everything you have spent so many years curating. The Quandant Digital Inheritance application allows you to catalogue all of your Digital Assets, and ensure they are passed on to those you love after you are gone. Just sign up with your QuandantID.

Digital Equity Marketplace

Have you always wanted to start your own equity marketplace? Perhaps you are a country that doesn’t have the budget to create your equity marketplace from scratch. Maybe your company wants to more effectively develop winning ideas in your betting marketplace. The Quandant Digital Equity Marketlace will have you up and running in less than an hour, knowing that your equity marketplace is powered by a tried and tested platform. Just sign up with your QuandantID.


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