Quandant Digital Launches Machine Learning Algorithm to Predict New Machine Learning Algorithms

SAN ANTONIO – May 6th, 2022 – Quandant Consolidated Synergies Group today announced the first commercially available Machine Learning Micro-service Application, 4MaL. Quandant 4MaL is a revolutionary application of Machine Learning technology. 4MaL redefines how clients identify and prioritize which machine learning algorithms they should develop in order to maximize ROI.

“With so many possibilities, our clients want to know which Machine Learning Algorithms they should develop first to best help their business” says Gottlieb Otto, Senior Vice President of Systems Analysis from the Quandant Austria Office. “They want to understand which Machine Learning Algorithms will generate the best ROI and they want to know the most effective first steps in developing high value Machine Learning algorithms.”

Quandant 4MaL mines client customer interactions, such as phone calls, emails, social media activity and online browsing in order to identify customer problems and quantify the size and severity of those problems. In parallel, Quandant 4MaL identifies client customers who have signaled a problem experience and then use that customer’s information to pinpoint the time when the customer had the problem experience. Once the problem timeframe is identified, 4MaL identifies similar problem experiences across multiple customers.

Quandant 4MaL can then identify or create a dependent variable representation of the problem as well as the most predictive independent variables. 4MaL provides all of the methodology on how it reached its conclusions so clients can better understand the full situation before starting down the path of creating new Machine Learning algorithms. Quandant 4MaL provides clear and concise recommendations of dependent and independent variables with which Quandant clients can start their analysis.

In order to exceed client expectations, Quandant Consolidated Synergies Group created 4MaL, a completely automated, Machine Learning Micro-service Application (MaLMApp) that enables Quandant clients to maximize their machine learning development efforts. Learn more about Quandant 4MaL on our website.

Quandant 4MaL is the first commercially available MaLMApp. MaLMApps enable Quandant Consulting Services to create powerful abstract Machine Learning-based applications with which Quandant clients can automate extremely complicated tasks. MaLMApps weave together simple machine learning micro-services with traditional micro-services to create complex applications infused with the power of machine learning. Machine learning micro-services can include: text recognition, sentiment analysis, product recommendations, or image recognition. Learn more about Quandant MaLMApps on our website.

Quandant 4MaL was developed in partnership between Quandant Digital Applications Development and Quandant Consulting Services, both wholly owned subsidiaries of Quandant Consolidated Synergies Group.

Quandant Digital Application Development uses the latest in software engineering methodologies to help simplify your life, and put control back into your hands. With a library of applications carefully designed to be user friendly, yet powerful, Quandant Digital Application Development gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals. Learn more about what Quandant Digital Applications Development can do for your business on our website.

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For further information, reach out to Doriane Vercingetorix at the Moselle, Grand Est, France office.