Quandant Media

Beyond Imagination

Quandant Media utilizes the latest in Artificial Intelligence to help develop new properties from full length feature films to short family TV shows. Using our patented Quandant Smart Screenwriter to write award winning screenplays, and the Quandant Intelligent Animator to animate those screenplays into a finish product, Quandant is able to produce a steady stream of acclaimed media.

Quandant Studios

Quandant Studios maintains a full library of produced full-length feature films, as well as developing and producing new features films for release in theaters, and streaming online.

Quandant Television

Quandant Television writes, develops and produces original content for traditional television as well as emerging streaming outlets. Quandant Television also maintains a large library of television shows for sale on video and syndication.

Quandant GO!

Want to stream your favorite Quandant Studios and Quandant Television on the go? Now you can with Quandant Go! Simply sign up with your Quandant ID and get access to hours of the best Quandant Studios and Quandant Television content. Get started with one free month!

Smart Screenwriter

Quandant Media, in partnership with Quandant Digital Application Development, has created the Quandant Smart Screenwriter tool. We have trained the Smart Screenwriter using millions of pages of screenplays, and revenue results, to create a tool that can reliably and continually produce new and profitable screenplays. Just provide some parameters and Smart Screenwriter will create a finished, award-winning, screenlay.

Intelligent Animator

Quandant Media, in partnership with Quandant Digital Application Development, has also created the Quandant Intelligent Animator. Given any screenplay, the Intelligent Animator will create character visualizations, locations, camera angles, lighting choices, sounds and even music, all without the need for a full animation crew or studio.

Quandant Animation

Quandant Animation Studios develops and produces new animated content from short TV shows to full-length feature films. Using Quandant’s Smart Screenwriter technology to create machine generated screenplays, and Quandant’s Intelligent Animator technology, Quandant Animation can continually produce award-winning content without the overhead of an animation studio.


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